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Skanska policy for internal recruitment

The purpose of the internal recruitment policy is to:
- ensure that we as a group have the resources needed to deliver on our strategy
- secure that we have strong leaders with broad experience from the industry
- ensure our attractiveness as an employer by providing our employees with the maximum opportunities to develop their careers and achieve their potential

The policy covers the three areas specified below.

Advertising open positions
All level 1-5 open positions shall be advertised internally and positions on levels 3-5 shall be advertised in English. Candidates from the succession plan are not required to complete an application process, but will be assessed as appropriate. Exceptions might occur for sensitive and confidential situations, such as the release of a manager when the recruitment needs to start prior to the release, or when disclosure of a vacancy would create substantial commercial risks for the business.

Informing an internal candidate’s current manager
An internal candidate’s current manager shall be involved and informed as early as possible in the recruitment process; at the latest after the first interview/concrete discussion and before the second, if both the hiring manager and the candidate have decided to continue the process. The responsibility for the above lies with the hiring manager; however, it is recommended that the candidate is the one informing his/her manager.

If a hiring manager is considering contacting a passive candidate, it is recommended that the current manager is informed and involved prior to contacting the candidate.

Performing background checks
A background check reviews several areas of a candidate with the purpose of minimizing risk prior to a recruitment decision. Areas covered by the analysis shall include financial records, verification of past employment and education, credit and criminal history, as well as past media coverage.

It is recommended to perform background checks in the following situations:
- When recruiting external candidates to positions on level 5-7
- When recruiting external candidates to positions on all levels with a sensitive nature and strong impact on our organization; these may include positions within finance, accounting and legal

A background check may also be used in internal recruitment when deemed necessary.

Please bear in mind that legislation differs in our home markets in relation to performing background analyses; each business unit is responsible for securing that local legislation is followed.

Additional local policies for recruitment and referral bonus: Skanska UK

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